Welcome to We are Fox, a botanical world of inspiring products.

At We Are Fox (which used to be Fox Flowers), we take a contemporary approach to the design process. Combining a background in textiles and fine art, designer and founder Laura Smith takes inspiration from both nature, modern art and fashion using flowers as a medium for composition. Her style of work is often described as ‘painterly’ and likened to the Dutch Master paintings!

The We Are Fox signature look is defined by experimental use of colour and effortlessly blending different tones, botanicals and textures together to create a seamless yet playful, sculptural work of art. As well as colour, form and texture are at the forefront of our designs – our aim is to create a balanced imbalance in terms of both colour and shape, in the hope of producing something exciting and unique. Symmetry is not in our vocabulary. 

Our approach to art is constantly evolving. Offering a fresh take on art in the home, our floral installations bring depth and texture, complementing and enhancing existing colour schemes to completely transform the look and feel of a room and ultimately how you feel. Plus, as they don’t need light or water to look great, they’re totally maintenance free... Yours to be enjoyed for many years.

We Are Fox enjoy being challenged creatively and love working with clients to produce original, unexpected botanical designs for your home, event or special occasion.

We look forward to hearing from you very soon. 

Established 2017.