Flamingo Dried Flower Wreath



A show-stopping colourwheel of enchanting pinks all varying in tone and texture. From delicate, pale pink delphiniums, captivating preserved cerise heather to alluring, soft feathery tones of pampas grass... Unapologetically pink, this dried flower wreath is handmade to order and designed to be noticed.

Caring for your dried flowers

Dried flowers if cared for correctly will last forever. Keep them away from humid environments such as bathrooms, the moisture can make the flowers deteriorate. Avoid direct sunlight, this will fade any colour more quickly. Lastly they do enjoy a little dusting now and then.

Size approx. 65 x 65cm

Please note our dried flower wreaths are non-returnable items as they're made to handmade to order.

Bespoke sizes and colours available, please get in touch.