Chelsea Thielman

Pansy Rug Blush

Exuding floral fun and colourful charm, we are slightly obsessed with our pansy rugs - and we're loving the dusky pink petals and yellow centre of the blush version. Hang it alone or with other rugs in our range to create a focal point.

Every rug is hand tufted with a loop-pile tufting gun and a vintage speed tufting tool, using acrylic yarn and acrylic felt backing. Crafted with love and care, no two pieces are the same - tiny imperfections making each rug completely unique.

Size: 54cm x 45cm - please note that slight variations of +1/-1cm may occur, as each flower is hand drawn onto the frame.

All necessary wall mounts are included. Rugs can be hung on a wall or placed on any surface.

Care Instructions: Do not machine wash or iron. If cleaning is needed, dab with a soft, damp cloth. Due to careful packaging some areas may have flattened slightly. Don’t be afraid to fluff the rug back up, this won’t damage the tuft.